How To Lie With Statistics


  • sample with a built-in bias: What will the average salary be if you ask Cambrdigegraduates?
  • well-chosen average (mean x median x _mode): Average person has less than 2 arms
  • little sample(s): Having enough small samples you can select the one, that suits you the best.
  • nice wording of practically nothing: “Camels are better than Marlboro”, yet they are both bad.
  • graphs (changing the scale or not labeling the graph at all):
relevant xkcd XKCD #833 by Randall Munroe
  • one-dimensional picture: You can make the difference look greater by increasing the dimensionality of the graph.
  • semi-attached/irrelevant figure: New Anticovid™ gel kills 13943 germs in 12 seconds.
  • post-hoc:
relevant xkcd XKCD #552 by Randall Munroe


Title: How to Lie with Statistics
Author: Darrell Huff
ISBN10: 0393310728
ISBN13: 9780393310726