Deep powder in Fluelapass.
Powder lines right over Maloja.


Not much. I am still slowly reading Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty, and by slowly reading I mean I haven’t touch it for a month or so. Other book that is taking me quite some time is How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell, it’s a nice read about the modern obsession about productivity, FOMO and more. I like the ideas in the book but they are all hidden somewhere inbetween paragraphs of unnecessary philosophical thoughts that make for a slower read (as ironaical as it is, I guess it might be intentional, you can’t just effectively speed throughout the book).

  • The Shipbreakers, whenever in need of a great thrilling read, William Langewiesche is there to cover. This time with a story from the biggest ship graveyard in the world.


This month I had:

  • Etiopie – Sahille by Zoban, nicely aciding but flat in flavor, not great, not terrible (judging by Zobans standards, so still a superb coffee)
  • Šumava (Costa Rica) by Doubleshot, drinked in the evenings in Switzerland Alps, I had only a few cups in field conditions but liked it a lot. Might consider trying more beans by Doubleshot in the future.
  • Burundi by Kavaprodej, this is the go to “I want coffee but don’t care that much about the taste so I might as well drink something cheaper” brand. It has mild-ish taste but great value for money.