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  • November

    journal writing

    We are on a cycling trip to Dénia number 2.


    I finally finished The Art of Thinking Clearly that I got from Ena back in August. This year I am embarrassingly slow with the books. Other than that I had some time for long form articles and several forgotten blog posts among the 120 open Safari tabs on my iPhone.

    This month I learned

    Horses for courses - used to say that it is important to choose suitable people (or items) for particular activities because everyone has different skills1.

    A smart accountant once told me that the answer to “How much money did you make?” is always, “Who wants to know?” If it’s an investor, the answer is “A lot.” If it’s a customer, the answer is “A little.” If it’s the IRS, the answer is “None.” edw519


    1. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/horses-for-courses ↩︎