Enlightenment Now

by Steven Pinker
Life Reading

In 15 extensive chapters Steven Pinker makes a case for reason, science and humanism. Each chapter describes a measure of civilization well-being, be it life expectancy, quality of life, safety, education and more. Each chapter is supported with ton of data digested to memorable and compelling form, with plenty of charts and graphs that make it ever so easier to make sense of otherwise unrelated numbers.

Enlightenment Now is optimistic, light, and brilliant read showing the progress of our species throughout the decades, explaining why we are instead drawn to the pessimism and how we choose to believe that the world is getting worse by day. In certain ways this book is similar to Factfulness by Hans Rosling but emphasizing more the data and context to back up the signs of progress in each chapter. Enlightenment Now left me knowing, that the world is getting better even though it doesn’t always have to feel this way.


Title: Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress
Author: Steven Pinker
ISBN10: 0241004314
ISBN13: 9780241004319