Hi, I’m Matouš!

I work as a software engineer at SumUp and do a lot of sports. I am currently training for my first Ironman, running and cycling a lot and neglecting the swimming. I do plenty of other sports too, like backcountry skiing, climbing, and anything else that I find enjoyable.

The rest of my free time is spent on reading, cooking, and less enjoyable tasks. In 2019 I also started this blog to force myself into writing more and to have a place where I could share my thoughts and knowledge. Please take this whole site with grain of salt as my english is far from perfect, and I feel like creating a coherent piece of writing is still impossible task for me (I am working on it though).

Other than that, I enjoy quantifying my life. I keep track of my finances (using ledger), activites (on strava, newly also on this blog), and other metrics that I don’t currently publish here. I do this because I enjoy statistics and data even though I am mediocre at best at both. Sharing the stats publicly holds me accountable and helps me spend less and workout more.


I am pragmatic optimist, ISTJ-A (Logistician) personality type according to Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. [ISTJ] can be split into 4 individual traits, Introverted, Observant, Observant, and Judging. The -A suffix at the end stands for Assertive. I highly recommend trying the 16 personalities test youtself, while not tentative I find the insights helpful in learning more about yourself.


Software Engineer @ SumUp, 6/2021 - now Working on authentication and authorization systems implementing standards such as OIDC or OAuth2. Currently spending most of the time building second factor authentication and request signing. Also fixing a lot of legacy code along the way.
Golang Backend Developer @ Kiwi.com, 2/2019 - 5/2021 Developing core infrastructure and services with speed and maintainability as the primary goal. Growing my experience and knowledge thanks to awesome team and mentorship from other skilled people in the company. Slowly taking more responsibility and bigger tasks such as initiating gRPC adoption across the company, helping build internal golang packages for cross-team usage, and developing multiple internal core APIs with high availability and stability demand.
DevOps and Technical Support for Ads Systems @ FTV Prima, 9/2018 - 1/2019 Technical support for online platform advertisement team. Helping with every possible task at hand, so mostly scripting and data pipelines.
Full-Stack Developer @ Techambition Ltd., 9/2017 - 5/2018 Full-stack developer (Node.js and React) of an online interactive tool for high school mathematics in a small startup.


I enjoy programming outside the work as well and have build and still maintain a few personal projects:

And when I find it worthwhile I contribute to open source projects, specifically:

Fun facts