Hi, I’m Matouš!

I work as a golang backend engineer at Kiwi.com and study cybersecurity at CTU in Prague. Throughout my career I have fulfilled various programming and engineering roles. Currently, I am passionate about the clean, effective, and concise golang code that saved our company a lot of headaches and money.

I enjoy plenty of things including but not limited to reading, cooking, sports, and working. In 2019 I also started this blog to force myself into writing more and to have a place where I could share my thoughts and knowledge. Please take this whole site with grain of salt as my english is far from perfect, and I feel like creating a coherent piece of writing is still impossible task for me (I am working on it though).


Backend Developer @ SumUp, coming soon
Golang Backend Developer @ Kiwi.com, 2/2019 - now Developing core infrastructure and services with speed and maintainability as the primary goal. Growing my experience and knowledge thanks to awesome team and mentorship from other skilled people in the company. Slowly taking more responsibility and bigger tasks such as initiating gRPC adoption across the company, helping build internal golang packages for cross-team usage, and developing multiple internal core APIs with high availability and stability demand.
DevOps and Technical Support for Ads Systems @ FTV Prima, 9/2018 - 1/2019 Technical support for online platform advertisement team helping with everything that’s needed. Data transformations and pipelines. Advertisement systems. API endpoints. Working mainly in Node.js, Python and SQL.
Full-Stack Developer @ Techambition Ltd., 9/2017 - 5/2018 Full-stack developer (Node.js and React) of online interactive tool for high school mathematics in small startup team.


I enjoy programming outside the work as well and have build and still maintain a few personal projects:

  • go-nanoid - Tiny golang package for generating URL friendly unique IDs.
  • ezmail - easy CLI utility for sending emails from terminal useful for scripts and people that don’t want to set up the default mail command that saves credentials into secure enclave.
  • dzxcodes - this website, using the Hugo framework.
  • linkfix - a simple tool that helps you avoid the Link rot by reporting on no-longer working links in your files and suggesting replacements with Wayback Machine snapshots wherever possible.
  • newz - News aggregator inspired by HN and Reddit written in python.
  • godox - tool to extract specific comments from Go code based on keywords. Later integrated into the Golangci Lint.
  • gosmtp - golang implementation of full-featured, lightweight and RFC compliant SMTP server.

Fun facts

  • Number of siblings: 3
  • Half marathon best time: 1:27:36
  • Myers-Briggs personality: ISTJ-A
  • Times I forgot something: 42131