Basic Economics

by Thomas Sowell
economics reading

Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell, with its 650 pages, doesn’t exactly seem like basic even for someone with high quotient. But after all, I went through the book in less than 2 weeks and enjoyed every page.

Basic Economics was one of the most eye-opening books for me. It was the first book on economics that I have read and even though most of the terms and concepts were absolutely new for me I never had to re-read a page to grasp the meaning. Sowell does a great job of briefly introducing a topic and then slowly building on top of it with plenty of real-life examples and data supporting his claims and findings. Basic Economics for me wasn’t book only about economics but also about politics and the drivers and reasons behind what’s currently happening in the world. A lot of the knowledge from the book stayed with me until now, thanks to nice short summaries after every chapter and plenty of practical questions at the end of the book that you can try to answer with what you have learned.

Even with 650 pages and after many more economics books I have read in the last year I still consider Basic Economics to be the best one. There’s no book on economics I would currently recommend more. Whether you are interested in financial literacy or politics this book has a value for you, and you will most definitely find more interesting topics on your way through.


Title: Basic Economics: A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy
Author: Thomas Sowell
ISBN10: 0465060730
ISBN13: 9780465060733