Journal Writing

This month I… didn’t write the Lately post. I didn’t find the right opportunity and mood to do so so I am writing this with one month delay. Out of the window goes the regular writing while the memories are fresh.

I spent a night in -5 degress, wind, and snowy weather outside on the Holubník hill in the Jizerské Hory. We went there for hike with Bára and her friends, and Floki, cheerful, energetic collie. The talks about buying a dog in our family continue but the concerns about who will take care of the dog when the kids leave and would we have enough time for it are still overweighting the rest.

I watched Kilian Jornet try and fail world record for 24 hour run which brought me to question: What is the best time to start 24h attempt? (for the record, they started around 10:00 or 11:00). I couldn’t find the answer anywhere.

We (I and my sister) already had almost all the gifts for christmas by the end of the month. This makes for a chill and stress-less December (not that I would be stressed anyway but I am definitely happy that we have this behind us sooner than later).

I most likely did also some other stuff but as already mentioned, I am getting back to this post with a delay so I no longer remeber.