The Three-Body Problem

by Cixin Liu
Sci-Fi Reading

The Three-Body Problem hit the right spot for me and placed itself on the list of finished in a day or so books. I attribute that mostly to the book being more on the Sci side than the Fi (whatever that means). The scientific concepts in the book were mostly familiar to me and played nicely together. Some of the character arcs seemed a little bit far fetched and flat but the scientific side of the book balanced that out.

The book gradually builds up the pace over first 100 pages and than turns into one thrilling rollercoaster with interesting plot-twists that keep you on the edge of the seat gasping for yet another page. Cixin Liu was able to combine Chinese Cultural Revolution1, The Three-Body Problem2, Particle Physics3, Newton’s laws of motion4, von Neumann Architecture5, and plenty other topics into one brilliant masterpiece this book is.

I am looking forward reading the next two books in the series and will unreservedly recommend The Three-Body Problem to anyone looking for conceptual, intelligent, fictional book.


Title: The Three-Body Problem
Author: Liu Cixin
ISBN10: 7536692935
ISBN13: 9787536692930