Journal Writing

This was my last month at After almost 2.5 years I am bidding farewell and starting a new journey at SumUp. While I don’t feel particularly moved by leaving I am incredibly grateful for the time I spent at I learned a lot, gained a lot of experience and most importantly, bootstrapped my career.

Returning old laptop and migrating to new one left me with a few precious files less. I’m considering backing up the whole laptop to one place or the other, so far, Backblaze seems like an optimal solution for me. I wrote a short post summarising current options for periodical MacOS backups.

This month I started learning rust to extend my portfolio of languages at hand. So far I enjoy rust greatly, it plays well into my weakness for fast, clean, concise, compiled languages. I started by implementing the Tiny Renderer which serves as a nice tiny intro into how OpenGL and software rendering works. I wanted to try this project myself for a long long time and by writing the solution in rust instead of C++ I can kill two birds with one stone. I made my solution public on GitHub: matoous/runderer and will come back to it later to fix all the issues and bad practices when I have more experience with rust.






Net Worth: €11182.14 (+€1486.04)
Running: 15.55 hours, 200.5 km, 16 runs
Cycling: 37.31 hours, 1039.57 km, 12762 m ↑, 13 rides
Swimming: 1.14 hours, 2.96 km, 3 swims
Activity Totals: 69.21 hours, 1510.14 km, 46 activities