Journal Writing

First week of April I had the honor to best best man at my friends wedding. It was fun except the part where I had to do my speech and organize the activities during the evening. There are more weddings to come and even more children to be born. Which is intersting because I couldn’t feel less ready for such things in my life. Altough, saying such things as single person probably gives it less weight.

Second weekend of April we had primary school reunion after 10 years. 22 out of 28 people came which exceeded all my expectations. Primary school reunions are fun because you get meet people from wide range of social groups. Some still studying, some already working for multiple years, some having children and weddings, and some you don’t really need to know more about.

There weren’t really any stories that would stand out but altogether, everyone seemed to be doing fine which I was glad to hear. I am looking forward to the next reuinion, what will another 10 years bring?

Third weekend we were in Berlin with the sisters. Eating, walking, and eating some more. And the last weekend in South Czechia, cycling with the friends. Overall, fun month.


What it boils down to is this: My life, in the best-case scenario, will consist of around 20 years of in-person parent time. The first 19 happened over the course of my first 19 years. The final year is spread out over the rest of my life. When I left for college, I had many decades left with living parents, but only about one year of time left to spend with them.

This week I learned

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