Journal Writing

We’ve spent the whole of January in Tenerife with group of great friends (people) from the office. The coffee and pastries consumption was through the roof and apart from work we managed to squeeze in a lot of fun as well: night hike to Teide, paragliding, surfing, and plenty of dinners, walks, and deep talks. In short, I had fun, felt happy, and enjoyed the company. 32 days was admittedly a lot and the productivity was on decline in last 2 weeks so one consideration for next iteration of the Winter Berlin Escape would be to make it shorted or take more days of full time off.

This month Hashicorp released their RFC management tool called Hermes and we had a long discussion about the absence of a proper RFC process at SumUp. In my opinion this hinders cross-team collaboration, undermines enforceability of company-wide standards, and makes it hard for non-senior engineers to raise issues to higher ranks. The dream would be to have something like Oxide’s RFD 1 and a management system that would consolidate RFCs from all tools that we use right now (Confluence, Google Docs, GitHub) into single tool that would make it easier to discover, follow, and reference RFCs.1


This month I learned



  1. There’s a lot left to be desired: https://github.com/oxidecomputer/cio ↩︎