Journal Writing

Our (SumUp) API documentation and developer portal is subpar and unfortunatelly not getting a too much attention. Last hackweek, at this ponit almost year ago, we reworked the portal using Docusaurus and Docusaurus OpenAPI Doc Generator. Now I am spending time on Developer portal 2.0, this time built on top of Astro with custom OpenAPI rendering. It’s an entertaining sideproject. Rendering OpenAPI specs doesn’t seem that hard (as long as your OpenAPI specs are in a good shape, which for us isn’t exactly the case). Furthermore, I testing out ChatGPT for rewriting React components into Astro and it is working pretty well. Rewriting and updating existing code seems to be a task well suited for it.

While we are taking out the dirty laundry, another broken thing at SumUp is the RFC process. Although, I am not sure if something that’s absent can be broken. We set to fix this by creating an RFC process and working group inspired by The Power of “Yes, if”: Iterating on our RFC Process and Oxide’s RFD 1 Requests for Discussion. If there’s an initiative that I would love to succeed it’s this one. RFCs for cross-tribe and cross-team agreement in an organisation of 700 engineers are a must and we are suffering greatly from not having a process.1


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  1. There are other great resources concerning this topic such as Scaling Engineering Teams via RFCs: Writing Things Down by Gergely Orosz↩︎