Journal Writing

After a year I got back to contributing to Helix. Firstly, by finishing the long forgotten feat(commands): open urls with goto_file command pull request that enables links in the document to be opened using the Goto file functionality.

In Add modus operandi themes Alexis Mousset ported the light Modus Themes packaged by default with GNU Emacs. The dark Modus Theme caught my eye as they seem to be close to what I was looking for for a long time. The theme is accessible, conforming with the highest standard for colour contrast between background and foreground values (WCAG AAA), and still maintains fresh look. In feat(themes): add modus vivendi theme(s) I ended up porting all the dark themes hoping this will finally resolve my dissatisfaction with most other themes.

I have also another long-open PR that implements LSP Code Lens.

I left this site unattained for a long time spending most of my free time working on the more interesting topics from my job and doing sports.


I have spent time exploring and writing about NTP building a little example in [Rust]. The whole journey was started by the Where does my computer get the time from? presentation by Tony Finch. I wanted to spend more time on the NTP implementation and implement tiny NTP server but fell down the rabbit hole of parsing binary data into Rust structs. If the time permits, I would like to revisit this topic in the future.



Absolute banger from the new album 2 RUFF, Vol. 1 by Chase & Status.