Death's End

by Cixin Liu
Sci-Fi Reading

Death’s End is the last chapter in the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy by Cixin Liu. I read the first book The Three-Body Problem back in 2021. Returned to the series in 2023 with The Dark Forest and finally decided to read the last book in series after the Netflix adaptation came out.

I was putting Death’s End aside for a long time. The book sat at my office table since I bought it alongside The Dark Forest which I still find the most chilling book I have read to this date. The Three-Body Problem was in my opinion the weakest one in the trilogy (to be clear here, the book is a great read, albeit comparatively weaker to the next 2 in the series). The Dark Forest picked up the pace severely and was a capitative and thrilling read causing the same kind of experience as the border scene from the first Sicario movie.

Parts of Death’s End I have spoiled for myself reading more about the trilogy on the internet. Yet, it enticed me in a way that I finished to book in 2 days. Death’s End brings the story to even grander scale picking up where The Dark Forest left. As with the previous books, it is a capitative read evoking unease from beginning till the end. Now it’s time to wait for how will the Netflix adaptation wrestle with the enormous scale of the book.


Title: Death’s End
Author: Liu Cixin
ISBN10: 0765377101
ISBN13: 9780765377104