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The Bag

Currently I use Thule Aion 40l as my every day carry. It’s big, sturdy, ideal when you want to bring clothes and shoes to go for a run after work and still buy the groceries on your way home. 40l initially seemed like an excesive volume for an every-day back pack but now I would hardly go for anything smaller.

Previously I used The Backpack Pro by Db which wasn’t bad but I had my complains. Thule was definitely an improvement although the number of internal compartements seems to be excessive in comparison to Db. On the other hand, the main pocket doesn’t open on it’s own when heavily loaded.

In The Bag

  1. My friends will know that at least one usually means around 5 with the completely invalid argument behind it being “In case I finished one, I want to have a backup”. On the other hand, my bag is sufficiently large to fit them all, it’s only manifesting on the weight of it. ↩︎

  2. Preparedness Paradox ↩︎