The Dark Forest

by Cixin Liu
Sci-Fi Reading

The Dark Forest is the second book in the Remembrance of Earth’s Past series by Liu Cixin. The book is the origin of the Dark forest hypothesis, one of the possible solutions to the Fermi paradox.

The Dark Forest builds on the first book - The Three-Body Problem but in a grand scale spanning a time-frame of 300 years between the events at the end of The Three-Body Problem and the first contact with Trisolaran fleet. As in the first book, The Dark Forest is heavily based in science touching on other topics such as sociology and politics.

The Dark Forest is a nail-bitting read, thrilling from beginning to the end and one of the fiction books that made it on my Devaured under 3 days books list.


Title: The Dark Forest
Author: Liu Cixin
ISBN10: 1784971596
ISBN13: 9781784971595