The Ministry for the Future

by Kim Stanley Robinson
Novel Fiction Environment Economics Reading

The Ministry for the Future is a literal masterpiece, a speculative fiction taking a look at the next 30 years of planet Earth and our effects on it. Scary and sad in its positive outloook that seems every so less likely with where we heading.

Kim Standley Robinson goes into great details of how entangled the whole world is, with money dictating everything else. There are chapters about economics, banking, politics, geoengineering, biology, glaciology, social media, crypto currencies, and more. All written in the most unique style I have seen to date - there are no main characters in The Ministry for the Future; chapters switch between styles from meeting notes, and conversations to essays of science and philosophy.

The Ministry for the Future is a lens into the future, scary and grim all because of us - people, with a dash of hope that requires the stars to align and humanity to change its course before it’s too late.


Title: The Ministry for the Future
Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
ISBN10: 0316300136
ISBN13: 9780316300131