Wiki redesign

The Wiki now has a new fresh look. I migrated the whole website to a custom framework - mwp - to be able to customize it as much as I please. mwp is built in Rust on top of actix (web framework), maud (macro for writing HTML), and tantivy (search). The whole server is then packaged into a docker container and deployed on fly.io.

The main goal of the rewrite was to add a search functionality that would allow me (and anyone else) to search for all links in the Wiki in a way that takes into consideration the content of the linked websites. That’s done by scraping the links, putting the content into an sqlite database that lives alongside the repository, and indexing everything using tantivy at startup. There’s plenty of room for improvement; at the moment the scraping needs to be triggered manually and while the index building is fast, it unnecessarily delays the application startup which is annoying during local development.